This event is intended for 18 years old or older. Younger players cannot attend the battles or any kind of fight and in full custody of their parents. In case the parents aren’t present, attendants need a permit signed by their legal representative stating the responsible person.

Every foreign attendant has to prove valid health insurance during registration process at the gate.


You need a costume for this event. That means that you should leave jeans, hoodies, military camo clothes and other inappropriate clothes at home. We require that your costume colors are suiting for the side you are going as.

The battle is set in the world of The Witcher, so we expect you will adapt your costumes for it. Classical Ghotic or or early medieval costumes are fine. This is not a living history event, so fantasy elements are welcome. For example, if your character is an elf then elf ears would be awesome, the same goes for dwarfs and their magnificent beards. Don’t forget that your luggage is also a part of your costume. Detailed information regarding costumes is in sections of individual armies. Please, try to be representative of the army you are going with. We think that anyone can afford some costume elements to better fit the world of The Witcher. A lot of things can be borrowed from your friends too. The result will be even better.

Campaign and equipment

Be sure to adapt your equipment for a long journey, because you wont be going back to the same place during the event. You won’t be far from the camp, but take a flask with water with you. There will be places where you can refill, but going back to the camp would take too much time and you would lose a lot of fun. Expect to go through a difficult terrain and that the event will be happening during in any weather conditions, a bit of rain will only add to the whole battle experience. 🙂

Non-combat characters

There will be atmospheric characters. It is forbidden to attack them in any way, unless your commander says otherwise.

Non-combat attendees (kids, wifes, grandmas…) are forbidden to move on the game field during fights. Non-combat attendees CAN NOT follow the armies during the game, unless permitted by an organizer. Every character must immediately obey organizers commands, otherwise he/she will be kicked out of the event. There will be pyrotechnics and other props and it is forbidden to manipulate them.

No animals allowed.

ONLY official photographers selected by the organizers are allowed to take pictures during the event.

List of official photographers:


Required part of the costume is a FUNCTIONAL helmet (visor or other face protection recommended), metal / hard leather / heavily padded gloves suitable for historical fencing and padded gambeson at least. Maybe you are rough and you never got hurt,  even if you wear only the rings on your head, but stitching someone on a tree stump in the woods is simply delaying. Please think about us, worrying for the injured takes us strength. Due to the nature of the event, it is not recommend wearing too heavy armor, such as full-body chainmail shirts or full-plate  armor. Various accessories are welcome, but only for your own safety. You will not have any advantage with them. Please don’t raise arguments such as “I have a cuirass, I can také much more hits than light armored”.



Valid: torso, arms to forearm, legs above knees, head

Invalid: toes, wrists (basically gloves), from the knees below

Prohibited: crotch, face

Intervention areas for archer´s etc.: torso – the arrow must stop against the body of the enemy. If it continues in the flight, it is not a proper hit.


  1. I am not striking where I can’t see – behind yourself, crazy  hitting above or under a shield, behind or above the wall, etc.
  2. If I have already been hit, I stop actively participating in the fight. That means I don’t cut my friends’ legs in the road!
  3. If I attack from behind, I don’t give a disproportionate blow to my opponent, especially neck etc.
  4. If I hurt someone, I’m responsible for him. I’ll get him treatment and  you have to look for the nearest health care professional.
  5. Stabbing with weapons that are not intended to do so is strictly banned.
  6. Strike is made with an adequate force, „tickling“ is not a proper strike, But too insidious strikes with disproportionate power are also not a way of friendly fighting. Be careful.
  7. It is forbidden to cover yourself by using invalid and prohibited areas of body!!!
  8. Customize your fencing to your own armor. Being too hard on people and having very light armor is not fair and you are abusing of your opponent’s consideration.

Fight at night

For the night part of the game there will be special rules that will be explained to you on the spot. We will require extreme caution. The clashes will take place under moderate conditions in a more likely atmospheric and theatrical way. It is not allowed to take bows, crossbows or rod weapons into a night clash.

Close combat weapons

Cutting and striking weapons are allowed at the event; that means swords of all lengths, fangs, axes, maces, etc. The blade edge and the toe must be blunt (seemingly stupid reminder, but that has already happened to us). You can have any amount of weapons you want, but all of them must be approved by the organizer, for attempting to deliver a non-compliant weapon is immediate exclusion from the action. After past experience we will pay increased attention to axes, their edges are often quite sharp. Each part of the ax head must have a minimum radius of two crowns. We will only allow one-handed axes of reasonable weight. If in doubt, apparently justified.

Compared to previous years, we will only allow limited amount of pole weapons (pikes, spears, polearms etc.). Each pole weapon must be reported in advance and entered to the particular combatant – option will be allowed at registration form. The number is limited by 3 pole weapons per army. But be careful: the head (tip) must be made of rubber / or plastic and have a deforming or flexible surface. We want to maintain a good ratio of safety and appearance, painting with a suitable paint or spray is certainly welcome and will not have a disruptive effect.


!!’Every archer or crossbow man must to wear a helmet!!!

Bows/crosbows will be limited to the action as well as pole weapons, that means 3 per army. Maximum weapon pull is 15 kilograms. Due to the increasing number of eye injuries at events, we will pay attention to arrows, their construction, dimensions and padding, softening. How to make an arrow can be found here: “About Meadows and People”.

The minimum diameter of the arrow is 5 cm. The shooter must be willing to disassemble a randomly selected arrow if requested by the organizer when approving. Arguments “everywhere else it’s ok shoot with theese”, “it shoots badly without theese”, “last time you approved it” please do not hover, we will strictly follow the measured parameters. Also, prepare for a fully-fledged owner test.

The minimum number of arrows is 15 approved pieces (we recommend a reserve). Foreign ammunition is not fired, after each clash you will get a time to collect and exchange arrows.

If you do not want to devote time to making warheads, you can buy it, for example, in Hurka shop.

The most common reasons for disapproval: high weapon pull, non-holding / wobbling warhead on the tip, broken tip, little / or no softening, tip breaking through softening, small head diameter, sharp / metal objects in the head, missing notches.

Any weapon can be banned and temporary confiscated by the organizer during the event!!!


Every soldier (even commander) have only one life per encounter. That means that if you get hit in a way that would kill you or made you unable to fight, you are out of that encounter. Roleplaying a death is appreciated – pretend falling in pain to the ground, shout for help or play dead. One fatal hit and you are out. If you are not told otherwise, stay on the ground until the end of the fight. There will be resurrection at your flag during some encounters, you will be always notified.

All armies will have multiple organizers, who will be strictly monitoring everything. We don’t want immortal fighters running around. If you can’t control yourself, please stay at home. Also don’t argue if you think your opponent is not playing as he should. If you happen to have a problem with someone, tell it to the nearest commander/organizer and we will take care of the problem for you. There will be a ton of encounters during the event, so if someone goes through you otherwise perfect defense, just play dead, you will have a lot of opportunities for a “revenge”.


All fallen soldiers will be resurrected by seregants after every encounter. Please, do as he says. There will be some cases where the resurrection will work differently (ressurection by battlestandards during longer encounteres), but you will be noticed in advance.

Everyone must sign Participants’ statement that will be serve as attendance list.

Alcohol or any drugs before and during fights is strictly prohibited.